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What Do These Videos Contain?

These DVD’s contain pre-choreographed fight sequences. Every move of every fight is broken down step by step so all the actor is responsible for is rehearsing. This format applies consistency to the instruction, making the choreography easy to memorize with less frustration. Safety points are broken down and explained very carefully, giving the actors confidence in their performance and allowing them to have fun with the fight.

Save Time and Money

  • Allows actors to learn the fights apart from valuable rehearsal time.
  • These fights are able to be used over and over.
  • There is no need to hire out additionally to teach the fights.
  • There is instruction from beginning to end for actors of all abilities while minting safety.
  • Actors become educated and are able to have greater confidence in their roles.

No Matter the Experience, These DVD's Work

Wether you have a lot of experience, a little, or absolutely none, the information on these DVD’S will take the actor through Tim Weske’s system of stage combat that is effective, efficient, and safe.

Actor Education

In their careers, actors will use stage combat many times. Having a solid foundation in this art will help them to stay safe and look good in whatever they are doing. Stage combat is physical acting; the first acting schools in England made stage combat a mandatory class! It was a secondary lesson, and was used traditionally as an acting exercise; entire classes could be done using this teaching material.

Don't Let the Action Stop When the Fight Begins

When a person reaches the point of physical violence, they have hit the height of human emotion. In turn, the fights must match this emotion; they must be real and must also be entertaining. If done poorly or unsafe, bad fights will take the audience out of the experience.

Over 35 Years of Experience in Instruction and Fight Choreography for Stage and Film

Tim Weske is a professional theatrical fight/sword master. He has trained thousands of students and choreographed thousands of fights. He has been trusted to train celebrities of all kinds including LIST, and trusted to arrange fights for films and shows such as LIST. Tim started his career in the theatre and expanded into film and TV. See fight reels, resume, industry references, and full list of celebrities trained at

Pre-Choreographed Training Videos

These DVD's can be used everytime you stage these play's. They also translate to ALL plays that require fighting.

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Vol #1: Macbeth

Vol #1 training video

Run time: 2 hours

Fights included on this DVD:

  • The death of Banquo (broadsword, daggers, hand to hand, mixed) multi fight
  • The death of Lady Macduff (daggers)
  • The Battle (PODS, sword and shield, single sword, mixed weapons)
  • Macbeth vs. Macduff (broadsword vs broadsword and shield)

Vol #2: King Richard III

Vol #2 training video

Run time: 1 hour

Fights included on this DVD:

  • The Battle (single broadswords, PODS)
  • The Battle (broadswords and shield, PODS)
  • The Battle (mixed weapons, PODS)
  • Richard vs. Richmond (broadsword vs broadsword and dagger)

Vol #3: Twelfth Night

Vol #3 training video

Run time: 42 minutes

Fights included on this DVD:

  • Sir Andrew vs. Viola (rapier vs. rapier)
  • Antonio vs. Sir Toby (rapier vs. rapier)

Vol #4: Hamlet

Vol #4 training video

Run time: 1 hour 44 minutes

Fights included on this DVD:

  • Hamlet vs. Laertes (rapier/dagger vs. rapier/dagger)
  • Hamlet vs. Laertes (rapier vs. rapier)

Vol #5: King Lear

Vol #5 training video

Run time: 1 hour 37 minutes

Fights included on this DVD:

  • The Blinding of Gloucester (broadswords) multi-person fight
  • Edgar vs. Oswald (broadsword vs. cane)
  • Edgar vs. Edmond (broadsword vs. broadsword)

Vol #6: Taming of the Shrew and As You Like It

Vol #6 training video

Run time: 2 hours 19 minutes

Fights included on this DVD:

  • Orlando vs. Charles (hand to hand combat)
  • Kate vs. Petruchio (hand to hand combat and miscellaneous props)

Vol #7: Romeo and Juliet

Vol #7 training video

Run time: 2 hours 28 minutes

Fights included on this DVD:

  • Motaques vs. Capulets (rapier vs. rapier) multi-person and team fight
  • Mercutio vs. Tybalt (rapier vs. rapier)
  • Romeo vs. Tybalt (rapier vs. rapier)
  • Romeo vs. Parris (rapier vs. double daggers)

Tim Weske's Sword Training Video

Sword Training Video

Run time: 1 hour 2 minutes

Fights included on this DVD:

  • Training in footwork, targeting, timing, attacks, defenses and more.
  • Weapons used (rapier - single sword, rapier/dagger - two weapons, broadsword and shield - heavy weapon).

Entire Swordplay for Shakespeare Series

entire series of training videos

This unique DVD series brings easy to learn, professionally choreographed sword fight sequences right to your stage!

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